9 minutes | May 1, 2020

The Good News Stories of the Week - May 1, 2020

After 8 weeks of sheltering in place, I think a lot of us are hitting a wall. So let’s dive into the positive, uplifting, happier news stories of the week and see if maybe we can feel better in 10 minutes or less. Here we go. 1- In Colorado, a man has won the lottery twice in one day after playing the same numbers for 30 years. Colorado Lottery officials identified 'Joe B' as the winner of two $1 million Powerball prizes in Pueblo on March 25 2- Scientists in Senegal Have Developed A $1 COVID-19 Testing Kit And Plan To Export Millions To African Countries 3- In a very poor part of Tijuana, Mexico a ten-year-old boy put a sign outside his home along with his stuffed animals saying he was selling them in order to buy food to help his mom. The community answered his call but instead of taking his stuffed animals, they filled their front yard with food and more toys for his collection. 4- Over in the UK, a charity that trains medical detection dogs that in the past have successfully detected malaria and cancer,  are now being trained to sniff out the coronavirus. Medical Detection Dogs - the charity behind this - is accepting donations and you can learn all about their dogs on social media too! 5 -Also in the UK, the race for a vaccine continues and they are saying they will know by July whether their Covid-19 vaccine is effective! 6- The spread of Covid-19 in Denmark has not accelerated since the country began a gradual loosening of restrictions in mid-April 7- Here in the U.S. - Gilead's experimental drug remdesivir may be the first effective coronavirus treatment, shorting the duration of illness in the sickest of patients. More data is needed but the nation's top infectious disease experts seem hopeful. 8- If you are near Vista, CA, come pick up a growler of kombucha or cold brew for FREE Saturday, May 9th between 11am-1pm. We're doing it because we, unfortunately, have some kegs that are getting close to their best buy dates and we refuse to pour it down the drain. We’d rather people enjoy it! Secondly, we think everyone deserves a kickback right now. Reserve yours at www.orderkombucha.com 9 - Starting 8pm EST Friday, May 1, go to the website Unite.Us, to watch 24 hours of live streaming inspiration from thought leaders like Oprah and Deepak as well as celebrities. Jump on to feel united and inspired.  Have a good weekend and try to get outside in nature if you can!
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