6 minutes | Oct 9, 2019

Manifesting Zebras and $777 - How to Manifest in 5-Minutes

 In this 5-minute bonus episode, I discuss how to manifest what you want. The first time I tried to manifest something I decided to manifest seeing a zebra just to test out the process. It worked! More recently, I saw a posting asking how much you'd like to manifest financially. The number that popped into my head was $777. I declared that was what I wanted to manifest.  I ended up manifesting it, just not the way I thought it would happen! Instead of $777 coming to my bank account, it left my account as the hospital bill I had to pay for having a baby. However, I wasn't mad or even bummed. I thought it was funny that it happened to be the amount I manifested. You see, my first baby came with a $5000 hospital bill. Paying $777 felt like a huge win!  With 2020 fast approaching, what do you want to manifest in the new year? I'm manifesting $1313 coming to me (not a bill thank you very much Universe!!!). I'll keep you posted on the results. If you have a story of something you manifested or want to declare what you'd like to manifest, let me know on instagram @inhappiernews or reach out at inhappiernews.com.
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