7 minutes | Dec 30, 2019

Manifesting Part 2 and How to Make a Digital Vision Board

On October 9th’s episode, I told you how I manifested $777 except that I did it backward and ended up manifesting the money coming out of my account instead of into it. It’s a pretty story so if you haven’t heard it, listen to that episode. After that happened, I laughed because I knew the universe was sending me a message! If you want to manifest something, get very clear! On that show, I declared a new manifestation of $1313 by January 1st. 13 is my favorite number and I very specifically said I wanted that amount to come into my account, not out. Guess what??!!! It worked! Find out what happened in this episode. I share the tips I used that I think helped it happen. Also, learn how to make a digital vision board using canva.com and why you should pick a word for 2020.  Happy New Year!  If you have a great story to share or feedback, connect at InHappierNews.com. About the host: Deanne Goodman is a journalist, mom, speaker and co-founder of Kombucha On Tap. You can follow her on Instagram or Facebook. In Happier News also has it's own Instagram page @inhappiernews where you'll find inspiration and information on the latest episodes.
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