11 minutes | Oct 28, 2019

Hug Stops Student with Gun, Amazing Dog Tales and Compostable Pizza Boxes - This Week's Positive News Roundup

Hello and welcome! Lots of good news and lots of dog stories this week for the happier news roundup in 10 minutes or less! Here are the positive and inspiring headlines of Episode 51 for the week of October 28th: Hug Stops Student with a Gun at Parkrose High School 49’ers Football Team has an Emotional Support Dog The Dog God story you have to hear!  Man brings dog to a furniture store to get her paw of approval Couple searches for dog for 57 days, wife even quits job...then comes the joyous reunion! Lyft's new program gives free rides to job seekers Pizza Hut's new box is compostable!  High Schools in California will be required to start after 8:30am If you have a great story to share or feedback, connect at InHappierNews.com.   About the host: Deanne Goodman is a journalist, mom, speaker and co-founder of Kombucha On Tap. You can follow her on Instagram or Facebook. In Happier News also has it's own Instagram page @inhappiernews where you'll find inspiration and information on the latest episodes.
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