12 minutes | Oct 14, 2019

Field Goals, Sibling Goals & a Wedding Dress to Die For - This Week's Happier News

Hello, hello! Welcome to episode 50 of the In Happier News podcast! Thanks for being part of the journey!  I’m setting a goal to do another 50 episodes and continue to grow the community of people like you and me who see the value of positive news and how it makes us happier, nicer human beings. This week our theme is goals (October is a time many people work on their goals). Needing some inspiration for your own goal setting? I got you covered! We have the story of an incredibly selfless teenager, what the opposite of sibling rivalry looks like, former President Jimmy Carter doesn't let age or a fall stop him from volunteering, the biggest avocado ever makes guacamole for 20 people, a CEO who writes 9,200 cards for his employees on birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions,  bedsheets that become board games, how to help a young boy who lost his mother and how to she paid in forward after death, plus a wedding dress that literally fell from the sky!  All that and more in 10 minutes or less. Host Deanne Goodman scours the news each week to bring you the happy, inspiring and positive stories. It's the week of October 14th, here is episode 50s roundup of positive news and good stories: Field Goal Contest Winner Donates Prize of Free Chick-Fil-A for a Year to Rival Team’s Coach Battling Cancer Jailbreak toddler style Former President Jimmy Carter Doesn’t Let Black Eye and Stitches Stop him from Volunteering Holy Guacamole! Record Avocado Makes Dip for 20 People CEO writes 9200 birthday cards a year to employees Hospital Bed Sheets that Double as Games and Entertainment Help a 13-year-old Boy Who Lost His Mother in a Tragic Car Crash Coolest wedding dress ever!! If you have a great story to share or feedback, connect at InHappierNews.com.  About the host: Deanne Goodman is a journalist, mom, speaker and co-founder of Kombucha On Tap. You can follow her on Instagram or Facebook. In Happier News also has it's own Instagram page @inhappiernews where you'll find inspiration and information on the latest episodes.
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