8 minutes | Nov 7, 2019

Craziest "Coincidence," Following Passions, and Retirement Leads to Boozy Cupcakes - These Inspiring Stories & More!

Hello and welcome! Lots of uplifting happier news all in 10 minutes or less! Here are the positive and inspiring headlines of Episode 52: Dad who Lost Daughter Gets Wrong Text for 4 Years by Daughter Who Lost Her Dad Nurse Adopts 27-Year-Old So He Can Get Heart Transplant Boy told not to doodle in class gets hired by restaurant to doodle their walls 93-year-old leaves retirement to start boozy cupcake company, cause why not??? If you have a great story to share or feedback, connect at InHappierNews.com. About the host: Deanne Goodman is a journalist, mom, speaker and co-founder of Kombucha On Tap. You can follow her on Instagram or Facebook. In Happier News also has it's own Instagram page @inhappiernews where you'll find inspiration and information on the latest episodes.
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