11 minutes | Apr 7, 2020

Coronavirus Positive News Stories - April 7, 2020: MIT Students Design Cheaper Ventilator, John Krasinski Rocks, and Other Good People Stepping Up.

I recorded this episode live during a segment in the Facebook group The Quarantine Network. You may hear the sound of little kids in the background.  It’s Tuesday, April 7th and here are the positive, inspiring and good news stories for this week. Students At MIT Develop A $100 Alternative To $30,000 Ventilator Units—And All They Ask Is To Stay Anonymous In Canada, a 13-year-old scout used his 3d printer to invent “ear guards” to help take the pressure off health care workers’ ears from wearing masks all day. In Detroit, a man named Marshall spent $900 from his savings to buy gas for nurses. In Youngstown, Ohio a man used his company’s bucket truck to visit his 80-year-old mom through the window who lives on the third floor of a nursing home. John Krasinski from The Office is now a legend in the world of positive news. His youtube show called Some Good News released episode number two and it’s full of good news, comedy and the cast of Hamilton singing to a young fan. In Ireland, prime minister Leo Varadkar has re-registered as a medical practitioner and will work one shift a week to help the coronavirus crisis. He worked as a doctor for seven years before leaving the profession to become a politician. A Facebook group called RV’s for MD’s connects healthcare workers with RV’s so they can self isolate while staying near their hospitals. Plug for my company, Kombucha On Tap. We've given out more than 100 gifted growlers of kombucha and cold brew coffee to local health care heroes and first responders. If you want to pay it forward and help it's only $25 and the website is orderkombucha.com.  If you see good news stories, send them my way or tag me on facebook or instagram - just search Deanne Goodman. I hope you feel a little less anxious after hearing those positive stories. Please stay home this week, let’s get past the peak. Sending you good vibes and I’ll be back next week with a new dose of the happier news stories.
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