44 minutes | Jul 30, 2021

Mary Rodwell Weighs in on “Strange” Physical Symptoms and THE NEW HUMAN!

Alternative researcher Mary Rodwell says your “symptoms” are much bigger than any “pandemic” could dish out! Get ready to ascend! In this episode, popular Higher Journeys guest Mary Rodwell and Alexis discuss the profound and strange physical (and emotional) “symptoms” many people around the world have been reporting recently. We will explore the idea that the “symptoms” are due to a very powerful frequency shift that is happening right now and how it is affecting many of us on multiple levels. One person described their recent “symptoms” this way… Oh man this is crazy! Every symptom!! …The dizziness, palpitations, and fatigue have been the most intense. Headaches/migraines, dreams, muscle twitching/vibrations, depression, anxiety, dread, tinnitus, vertigo. Moments of kaleidoscope vision. I could go on and on. I’ve been trying to pinpoint the problem. Is it hormones, am I sick, am I dying. Talk about causing panic attacks. I keep checking my vitals. Everything is perfect. I just feel like absolute $-#!+ Wild vivid dreams. Lots of waking throughout the night. Staying up very late and waking earlier than usual. We’ve all been dragging thru 2021 majorly sleep deprived. And the number sequences 🙄 I see 1234 and 123 EVERYWHERE! Many have been reporting a bombardment of similar but unique physical, emotional, and even synchronistic occurrences within the last 12 to 24 months. If you’ve been experiencing sensations that include ✓ Ear “buzzing” (or white noise) ✓ Dizziness/Vertigo ✓ Sleeplessness (or waking up at odd hours) ✓ Vivid (and bizarre) dreams ✓ And yes LOTS of synchronicity (including repeating number patterns) …then you will definitely want to tune in to this episode! Are these symptoms a direct result of the stress over the current “crisis” we’ve all been living through? Or is there something far more complex and evolutionary going on? According to Mary, we are literally going through a frequency acceleration and even the possibility of morphing into The New Human! We will also discuss the possibility that these “changes” in humanity may also have an ET component. What if anything do extraterrestrials have to do with us right now? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqfvwN_nH6A&t=115s Don’t miss our After Show with Mary Rodwell exclusively for Patreon members. Get The New Human by Mary Rodwell
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