58 minutes | May 21, 2021

Barry Littleton – THIS is UFO Disclosure: Sentient UFOs Are Real!

ET contact experiencer says This is what real UFO disclosure is all about Just on the heels of an unprecedented mainstream news report by 60 Minutes about the reality of UFOs, and the anticipated June 2021 report that will reportedly deliver UFO disclosure: what official sources knew/know about the presence of UFOs and UAPs in our skies, other conversations are taking place deep within the UFO community. Barry Littleton, ET contact experiencer and researcher has maintained that some UFOs are not only "real" but actually organic! In this episode we discuss the reality of sentient UFOs and the idea that some of these craft may be conscious in and of themselves (with or without occupants!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vRtSm9Ejsiw Don't miss our OFF THE RECORD After Show with Barry Littleton exclusively for Patreon members! In addition, Barry folds in other enigmatic elements to this still great mystery including... - Time shifts/edits in our reality. - The Mandela Effect (from the perspective of the above). - The “dead” who never leave the planet (he says there are millions of souls wandering aimlessly.) - UFOs hovering over cemeteries? Why?? Perhaps the most perplexing and fascinating is how all of these aspects are connected. Are UFOs at the heart of it all? Imagine if the "mainstream" public knew about this? And you think upcoming "official" disclosure will open up Pandora's box? If so, you DEFINITELY to watch this!
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