24 minutes | May 24, 2021

074: Manifesting Made Simple

You must have wondered why you experience some of your desires in the outer world, but can’t seem to manifest the other results that you want. In this episode, I discuss a simple way to open the loop to the field and tap into the infinite potential of your burning desires. WHAT TO LOOK FOR IN THIS EPISODE: Why do you not get some of your desires? (01:46) You must have a burning desire for a new preferred reality (03:05) Clearly state the specifics within the desire without referencing the outside world (04:23) Leave the circuit open and broadcast thoughts and actions to the quantum field (07:20) Don’t control everything (09:29) You are the field so think from it and feel from the end (11:06) Open the circuit and focus on one frequency pattern (13:41) The infinite potential of an open loop (18:29) CONNECT WITH MATTHEW PATTI Matthewpatti.com Join us in The Mind School Facebook Community Connect with me on LinkedIn Connect with me on Facebook
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