23 minutes | Apr 28, 2021

070: Feeling IS Reality

Today’s episode comes from a member of the Magnetic Mastermind.  He shares that when he focuses on the fulfilment of his desires (in this case a powerful motorbike), he feels excited. However, there are times when he doesn’t feel as excited about it.  Human nature being what it is, I’m sure you’ve gone through or are going through the same predicament. So, what do you do? My answer: spiritual sensation. Listen and discover how you can use this powerful technique to visualise the fulfilment of your desires. WHAT TO LOOK FOR IN THIS EPISODE: If feeling is reality, what do I do if I don’t feel excited about what I desire? (02:36) We will have days when we don’t feel great (04:48) Once your desires are fulfilled, it’s natural for you to feel a certain way (05:34) Use your spiritual sensation (06:31) You don’t need to feel emotion within the visualisation (11:40) Don’t stay confined in the world of matter (13:00) The new reality (14:49) Spiritual sensation is the art of practice (15:48) Turn the upside-down world right-side up (17:47) Practice harder, go deeper (18:47) CONNECT WITH MATTHEW PATTI Matthewpatti.com Join us in The Mind School Facebook Community Connect with me on LinkedIn Connect with me on Facebook
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