40 minutes | Mar 23, 2021

065:The Science of Income Doubling Part 2

Income doubling creates life-changing events.  In this episode, we continue from part 1 of the Science of Income Doubling. We delve into where most people stay and what keeps them stuck, when they don’t understand the science of income doubling. I share with you how you can follow your heart, step into your genius, and own the “best in world” by owning the power of ONE. If you want to know how to release yourself from your own chains and reach the next level or reach that 1 big leap and 1 big manifesting event, join me in this episode. Let’s dive in. WHAT TO LOOK FOR IN THIS EPISODE: Your soap box (19:50) The spell (21:08) Being chained to your soap box (21:30) I am the product of my mind (23:58) What remains is this formula (25:30) Repeating the past (26:15) Mind, message, market (27:12) Income doubling levels (27:37) Income doubling consciousness (28:18) Three-pronged approach: Three magnets  (29:30) What keeps you from doubling your income? (30:35) Incoherence in our brain (34:20) Whole brain magnetism is essential for success (34:35) Information in - Information out (38:30) Money is one of the biggest stresses (40:37) The magic number to magnetize (45:40) 1 big leap, manifest, big income doubling event (47:30) Owning the power of ONE (52:19) CONNECT WITH MATTHEW PATTI Matthewpatti.com Join us in The Mind School Facebook Community Connect with me on LinkedIn Connect with me on Facebook
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