86 minutes | Nov 7, 2018

#246: Carb Cycling on Keto w/ Peter Defty

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Carb cycling is an underground performance-boosting tool.

Unlike old-school “carb loading” strategies (which usually cause gut disturbances and fat gain), carb cycling helps exercisers stay lean and strong.

Peter Defty is an expert on this topic, and in this recent video he shares key insights he’s gained from his 17-year low-carb-for-exercise-performance strategies.

Here’s more:

By being “mostly keto” and just ingesting carbs while working out—or during a post-workout window—you can get all the performance advantages of carbs with little downside.

I frequently do this when I’m squatting, deadlifting or doing other multi-joint movements, and it really helps with speed and performance (compared to just lifting in a keto state).

So, unless one is embarking on keto for specific medical applications (epilepsy, cancer, diabetes etc. …), carb cycling can be used to give a “lift” in the gym.

In this discussion, we talk more about:

- Carb cycling strategies for women and men - Best time to have carbs: during workout or post-workout - Why keto + exercise help build the metabolic base

To staying lean and strong, Mike

P.S. Carbs are not always bad, and fats are not always good. Learn contexts of when to use which fuel:



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