22 minutes | Oct 6th 2020

We Have a Duty to Perform

What’s next now that the war between the states is over? Among the biggest concerns facing the republic is what to do with the newly freed slaves – and how to do it. Black voting rights becomes one of the main goals of the Reconstruction era. In this episode, we uncover the competing legal and political viewpoints that shaped the beginning of Reconstruction and black voting rights.

This episode features the voice talents of (in order of appearance):Yvonne Godfrey, Esq. (President Abraham Lincoln)Derrick Alexander Pope (Frederick Douglass)Marvin Cummings (John Mercer Langston)Kerwin D. Sims (Sidney Andrews)Derrick Alexander Pope (President Andrew Johnson)Quinton McGhee, Esq. (Thaddeus Stevens)


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Derrick Alexander Pope, J.D., HostTerrass Misher, Producer

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