84 minutes | Jun 25, 2020

Season Zero: Episode 03 - "Don't Wake Up x"

A lot of the content in this episode is outdated and the facts presented may have changed. We sincerely apologize for the delay...but it will probably happen again.                    ~The HYG CrewAt the time of recording this episode (05.28.20), most people had been quarantined for at least a solid month. During this time, a lot of us have turned to our streaming services to self soothe...Netflix, HULU, Shutter, and so on have been our go-to. As mentioned in previous episodes, pandemic type movies have hit another wave of popularity...which makes sense. By showing such real-world experiences, like epidemics/outbreaks, within the confines of a story, it makes it easier for people to absorb and explore the “what-ifs” of the situation while sitting in the safety of their living room. By giving such stories a beginning, middle, and end, it gives people the feeling that the real crisis will also have an eventual ending.But...there’s another major genre many people are re-visiting.So, COVID-19...we know it ends either in death or recovery...but let’s suspend disbelief, and introduce the Zed word. Zombie outbreaks have similar starts and causes vary. Sometimes origins are wildly fictional. Other times the source of a zombie apocalypse is unknown. Whether vir or aiborne, what happens if the next big pandemic creates a league of the undead? How will our government react? Do you think you could survive?Fact is, zombies don’t exist...at least not yet...so then why are they so popular? Fear films have used zombies as metaphors for much deeper fears held by society for decades and decades. Fear of primitive or dissimilar cultures, Communism, Atomic  destruction, mass contagion.However, it's our perpetual fear of one  another as a civilization which seems to present the biggest hurdle. A society set in the ways of an outdated idealogy, a lopsided judicial system and corrupt institutional structuring and if present day happenings don't have you convinced I'm sure nothing will.In this episode, we’ll be exploring these and other questions as we go through some zombie flicks we kinda remember. I’m Marty, welcome to another fucking podcast!Today, I am joined once again by Marc, Ernest, Andrew, and the ever reluctant, Naomi. So, thanks for tuning in…sit back, relax, and “Enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think…”**All original music in this episode created by Rene Rendon except "Goodbye Horses" written by Q Lazzarus.***All Sound Clips and music courtesy of a bunch of other people's hard work and used for mildly entertaining emphasis.😅
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