71 minutes | Aug 6, 2020

Lapses In Synapses - Episode 01: "On The Surface"

Due to the recent Covid-19 case spikes in Texas, recording episodes of Hey, You Guys! has presented some issues. However, We've decided to release an episode of another show which we were planning to run simultaneously with Hey, You Guys!This episode was recorded on May 7th, 2020.Welcome to the first episode of Lapses in Synapses a show where we relate, debate and humiliate!  This first episode is titled "On the Surface" we get down and dirty about tattoos and the taboos they once held, Star Wars, Star Trek, Dragonball Z, video games, anime,  and the most difficult piece Jason has ever had to do. Join host Marc Herrera and co-host Martin Alonzo as they converse with Local tattoo artist, Jason Lozano, on tattooing and learning how to art. Jason was a huge factor in igniting the San Antonio Geek Art scene. Listen in as he shares stories of his experiences with his fluent in Klingon cousin Jessie, drunken nightmares in his tattoo shop, and find out about a tag-team  tattooing of Jason's "no-no" spot!Definitely a fun time! XDEnjoy! 
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