56 minutes | May 23, 2021

S2 E9. Merc's Backyard

Which Pokemon could we beat in a fight? No, this isn’t some obscure tease question to make this description more interesting. We literally spend at least 30 minutes going through a Pokemon randomiser and conducting an in-depth analysis of whether we could beat that Pokemon in a fight. By the way, where were we for three weeks? Listen and you might find out! Also on this week’s episode: “We’ll be back in five, we’re just gonna solve the Israel-Palestine crisis. Kendall Jenner’s gonna bring some Pepsi.” “Mama, I would love to club a seal.” “Bellsprout: the uncut Pokemon” “It’s a Ryan Murphy show-” “So the first season is good then it gets bad?” “Hey Binch: the podcast where we don’t explain anything.”
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