68 minutes | Apr 25, 2021

S2 E8. Kaley Joel Osmond

Is it too late now to say sorry? For Demi Lovato, maybe. For the rest of us, what's an apology really worth? This week, Zane and Brandon dissect their fight last year, Zane talks about that time he had to apologise for calling someone a nerd on live radio, Brandon spends seven minutes dragging Demetria Lovitria from pillar to post, and we give you a cracking kale chips recipe. Also on this week's episode: “We will be referring to it by its proper name: froggurt.” “I’m just holding a gun to Mrs K’s head like ‘Give. The kid. Filler.’” “Over Easter… I was pretty much eating a bunch of Kale a day. And my shits were effectively an army truck. Same size, same Khaki Green Colour.” “Do you care to explain this reference?” “No.”
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