70 minutes | Jun 27, 2021

S2 E13. ASMRiana Grande

Not listening to this podcast is a red flag. But what else would put you off dating someone? In today’s episode, we share some of the red flags we’ve noticed during dates: foreskin chat, yelling at their mum, weird questions about money, and more foreskin chat. We also resurrect an old radio segment of Zane’s, because we love an original idea! Also on this week’s episode: “Stop drinking juice on the pod!” “Imagine going to Big W in 2003 and picking out a pencil case for your 8 year old girl… Moschino is maybe an acquired taste, is what I’m trying to say.” “Don’t ever try to give me zucchini noodles. And don’t ever try to tell me they’re good.” “What makes a trenchcoat? Google.” “Let’s call her Gaprazelle for the sake of the pod. That’s an extremely niche Mad TV reference from 1998 nobody will understand.”
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