36 minutes | May 28th 2020

Ep.82: TNHTW 101: Summer Syllabus Final

This is our last episode of the season! Trudi and Weeze will be back in September with all new podcast episodes but in the meantime they have set up a curriculum to go back and listen to some of the most influential episodes so far. These are for you whether you are a newcomer to the podcast or if you just need refreshers as you continue on their path to wokeness. These will work in conjunction with our newsletter (that you should sign up for!) and our Facebook page to continue the discussion as always. Our book club will also be reviewing two books a month so there is plenty of opportunity to learn and interact with us. Until then enjoy these episodes...ok byeeeeeee! Foundational Episode 68 - The Basics: justice, equity, diversity & inclusion: https://soundcloud.com/nothowthatworks/ep-68-the-basics-justice-equity-diversity-inclusion Episode 25 - Can White folks Experience Racism? (and how TNHTW almost got cancelled): https://soundcloud.com/nothowthatworks/ep25 Episode 76 - Education vs. Action: Each plays a role in equity but only one creates change: https://soundcloud.com/nothowthatworks/ep-76-education-vs-action-each-plays-a-role-in-equity-but-only-one-creates-change From Ally to Accomplice Episode 19 - Lets Cut the BS: From Ally to Accomplice: https://soundcloud.com/nothowthatworks/ep-19-lets-cut-the-bullshit-from-ally-to-accomplice Episode 70 - Wait WTF…I can be down and still not be woke?: https://soundcloud.com/nothowthatworks/wait-wtfi-can-be-down-and-still-not-be-woke Episode 29 - When Glennon Doyle’s Attempt at Allyship Went Wrong: https://soundcloud.com/nothowthatworks/ep29 Whiteness Episode 37 - The Basics of White Centering: https://soundcloud.com/nothowthatworks/ep37 Episode 41 - Whitesplaining and Webster…A look at language: https://soundcloud.com/nothowthatworks/ep41 Episode 10 - Don’t Be A BBQ Becky: https://soundcloud.com/nothowthatworks/ep-10-dont-be-a-bbq-becky Safety Episode 64 - Safe Space, a journey: the what, how & how not!: https://soundcloud.com/nothowthatworks/ep-64-safe-space-a-journey-the-what-how-how-not Episode 46 - Do White Folks Deserve Safe Spaces?: https://soundcloud.com/nothowthatworks/ep46 Episode 60 - Byron Katie, The Fairy Godmother of Spiritual Bypassing: https://soundcloud.com/nothowthatworks/ep-60-byron-katie-the-fairy-godmother-of-spiritual-bypassing Please join us on the FB Group for more discussion and celebration: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ThatsNotHowThatWorks/ Music by Dennis “Aganee” Jenkins https://www.aganee.com https://instagram.com/therealaganee