53 minutes | Sep 10th 2020

Ep. 84: The Great White Awakening

We are 3 months now out of the “Great White Awakening” and it’s time for y’all to have a come to Beyoncé moment… Where do you fall in this movement? Why did we even have this “Great White Awakening” now of all times? Why was George Floyd the beginning of it and not Breonna Taylor or any of the other Black folx who have been murdered? On today’s episode, we’re exploring the co-occurring social crises that created the perfect storm for people to FINALLY wake up, the 3 types of folx we saw in the Great White Awakening, and why it isn’t actually in your business’s best interest to use this movement to start branding yourself as an “anti-racist or DEI expert.” Follow us on Instagram: https://instagram.com/trudilebron https://instagram.com/accordingtoweeze Music by Dennis “Aganee” Jenkins https://www.aganee.com https://instagram.com/therealaganee