50 minutes | May 21st 2020

Ep. 81: Who is Karen & why does she want to talk to the manager?

Have you ever seen a “Karen?” She’s the one who storms through the sliding doors with her apologetic husband in tow. Her short “power” haircut, oversized sunglasses and bratty kids let everyone know her entitled ass is getting whatever she wants. She yells and accuses everyone causing as much of a scene as possible, if provoked then she will unleash her final attack saying, “I want to speak to your manager!” This is a “Karen”... she’s not a new phenomenon but she can now be identified properly with the rise of social media. In this episode, Trudi & Weeze break down what being a Karen is and how whiteness plays a major role in being one. Listen in as we explore potential outcomes and how you can help combat all the Karening going on. Please join us on the FB Group for more discussion and celebration: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ThatsNotHowThatWorks/ Music by Dennis “Aganee” Jenkins https://www.aganee.com https://instagram.com/therealaganee