56 minutes | Feb 27th 2020

Ep 75: Decolonizing Professionalism & Work

On todays episode Trudi and Weeze are talking about…perfess…profesh….ahem….professionalism. Trudi and Weeze look at professionalism through the lens of an entrepreneurial or online business mindset. There is this notion that in order for us to become our most professional selves that we have to de-humanize ourselves, but there’s not some inverse relationship between being business-minded and being a human. People are capable of doing both and that is exactly what Trudi and Weeze explore for you today. How do you show up and create a sense of TRUE professionalism while maintaining your individualistic values? How do you need to show up and what to bring to the table in order to help re-establish what it means to be “professional”? Listen in to find out… Please join us on the FB Group for more discussion and celebration: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ThatsNotHowThatWorks/ Music by Dennis “Aganee” Jenkins https://www.aganee.com https://instagram.com/therealaganee