63 minutes | Oct 18th 2015

Episode 5 – Into the Lion’s Den - Heroes Reborn Podcast

Miranda, Jeff, Laura and James the newb are back to discuss Heroes Reborn – Episode 5 – Into the Lion’s Den First thoughts – We like it, why is everyone complaining about this ep? Link from Rick – Is Heroes Reborn Falling into the same exact Trap that Heroes did? Is Farah the worst protector ever? Malina is now all alone… So what is in the Bloody Envelope and Where/Who is the Baby they are looking for? The Shadow… Seems like Laura was right! Power neutralizer… bam! (She’s so smart!) Luke is looking for atonement by… Burning down the house! Also anyone else notice how covered up his kid was in all the photos? Why? James is reminded of this movie, “Knowing,” by the solar flare disaster that was revealed as the main plot point at the end of the episode…. FYI – Miranda is always wrong… aka the spoiler of the return of former cast members!   —BREAK— VM from Robert Carpenter -> Started watching because of the Signal -> Was surprised by Heroes because it wasn’t a typical superhero show (no capes, darker) -> Really liked third season even though it got a bit darker and complex 2nd VM from Robert Carpenter -> Continued! From near Tacoma, WA. -> Sylar is his favorite character -> Really enjoying Heroes Reborn, had no expectations and wants to see whats next VM from Carl in Hawaii -> Tommy is the new Claire, possible Nathan’s son -> Hiro is dead   And… We’re Back Tommy, definitely not Tommy… but Nathan? (NOT NATE LOL) Peter’s son? From Laura – “WHO IS THE PENNY GUY, HE INTRIGUES ME SO” She is also open to reading Penny Guy (Casper Abraham) fanfiction! Miko gets “her” sword back so we guess their plan was successful?   Contest Change: Submit a Review to iTunes and 2 random reviewers will be chosen for Heroes Swag (Lower 48 States Only, unless you pay for shipping) We got some reviews on iTunes! You still have time to enter the contest and leave a review for a chance to win some awesome Heroes swag. Here are the latest reviews We love you guys! We LOVE Feedback! Email: heroescast@gmail.com Facebook Twitter and of course, The HERO Hotline: 346-202-HERO (4376) Subscribe and give us a review on iTunes
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