70 minutes | Oct 13th 2015

Episode 4 – The Needs of the Many - Heroes Reborn Podcast

Jeff, Laura and James the newb are back to discuss Heroes Reborn – Episode 4 – The Needs of the Many. Jeff is always right… never wrong. #sarcasm -> Kings (Butterfly Crown)  Katana Girl – Holy crap, Jeff and Laura like her now. What’s happening? Rules be damned, VM from Mark randomly in the middle of the show. Mark asks if Heroes Reborn is trying to pack too much into the first episodes and is losing the characters. Also… Did HRG kill Claire?! Why else would he forget the past? -> Lions 2008 Season / Chargers Superbowl appearance brought up Superhuman Warehouse – Everything must go! Prices slashed! Everyone just walk on in! Superhuman Warehouse -> Coma Coma Warehouse             -> The Island Quentin and the SHADOW! -> The Shadow Voicemail from Reg? Comments from Robert Carpenter Tweets from @nuchtchas and @SoFire Discussion Continues: Tommy a.k.a. Satellite ears hospital escapades. Is Carlos’s power similar to Sylar’s? #vengamobile Vengasuit!    What do you think about it? Go to Facebook and let us know! Zach and his wife, officially splitsville. #sorrynotsorry Erica and her Ted talk, does this prove that Harris is a product of Renautas engineering and not evolution? Come together… right now, over Malina. -> Captain Planet, he’s our hero, gonna take pollution down to zero! Are the writers of Heroes really into old 80s and 90s cartoons? Contest Change: Submit a Review to iTunes and 2 random reviewers will be chosen for Heroes Swag (Lower 48 States Only, unless you pay for shipping) We got some reviews on iTunes! You still have time to enter the contest and leave a review for a chance to win some awesome Heroes swag. Current Heroes Reborn Podcast Reviews by Titanbigred This Heroes Podcast is about the show Heroes Reborn on NBC. Its a continuation of Heroes from NBC which you may know from memories past. Love these Guys/Gals    by Shawnzulma I didn’t catch their first Heroes Cast but I’m catching this one. Just friendly after the show banter about the new Heroes. It’s great, like listening to your buds talk about the show. Now I feel bad that I whoop up on them on fantasy football HRP = Must listen to!!! by pdur09 Loving Heroes Reborn and loving Heroes Reborn Podcast! They supply great insight to the Heroes Universe and have a good diversity of opinions. The hosts are fun and a pleasure to listen to. We LOVE Feedback! Email: heroescast@gmail.com Facebook Twitter and of course, The HERO Hotline: 346-202-HERO (4376) Subscribe and give us a review on iTunes
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