92 minutes | Oct 3rd 2015

Episode 3 – Under the Mask - Heroes Reborn Podcast

This time on the show Miranda, Laura, James, and Jeff discuss Episode 3 of Heroes Reborn: Under the Mask Jeff seems not to be totally on board just yet, but everyone else is digging the show. What’s Up with the Butterfly? Mighty Max Monkey Warrior: (It’s kind of cool that this particular episode deals with heroes and abilities, but Skip ahead to 6:10 for the specific reference in the podcast) More campy animated heroes: El Vengador We also discuss our theories of Katana Girl; is she real? E.P.I.C. : Evolved People Identifying Computer? FEEDBACK: 2 HERO Hotline Voicemails from Carl in Hawaii and 2 Tweets from SoFire in London. When the heck will we get to see Hiro and Matt??? Luke = Super Saiyan?     How did they get get to this point? What’s their backstory? Theory – Guilty Luke from the Den of Geek website. Does Tommy’s mommy have a power, or is she just the new HRG? An article about Katana Girl from Entertainment Weekly Official Heroes Reborn Graphic Novel available from Titan Comics Contest Change: Submit a Review to iTunes and 2 random reviewers will be chosen for Heroes Swag (Lower 48 States Only, unless you pay for shipping) We LOVE Feedback! Email: heroescast@gmail.com Facebook Twitter and of course, The HERO Hotline: 346-202-HERO (4376) Subscribe and give us a review on iTunes
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