36 minutes | Dec 13th 2015

Episode 12 – Heroes Rewind – Season 3 – Our Father - Heroes Reborn Podcast

This week, Miranda, James, Laura, and Jeff ask Hiro to send us back to December, 2008 so we can discuss NBC’s Heroes – Season 3, Chapter 12, Our Father. We’re looking for some voicemail feedback on how you feel about Heroes Reborn. We haven’t heard from some of you in a while and we’re curious as to how you are liking, or not liking, the show. Call us: 346-202-HERO (4376). This was Laura’s choice for our Heroes Rewind discussion.  Her reason? Sylar covered in blood, of course.  James now understands why Laura has been such a huge Sylar fan Mini Hiro makes Miranda happy,  and the scene when adult Hiro sees his mom before she dies was a very emotionally touching moment for us.       James was really drawn into the show by watching this episode. We all seem to feel that the writing from the original series, and this particular episode especially, is why we liked the series so much, and may be why we’re a bit disappointed in the new series. James’ thoughts on his first Peter exposure; He was a bit underwhelmed and wasn’t what he expected based on how Laura had discussed him in the past.  That was probably due to Peter not having “power” at this juncture in the storyline.  But as an isolated episode, he experienced a full gamut of emotions. The Haitian seems to have more of a major part than what we remembered. And we really like the fact that the original series did a lot of callback to character names, and story situations.  This is something else we feel is lacking in Heroes Reborn. We look a bit ahead because we’re trying to remember what the entire story is with, Nikki, Jessica, and Tracy (and Barbara?).   Mohinder has a flesh eating virus, so he is the perfect choice to send in to give a soldier an experimental vaccination. The universe doesn’t implode as Claire holds herself. Thanks for all the reviews. Stay tuned to find out if you are a winner of Heroes Swag. We LOVE Feedback! Email: heroescast@gmail.com Facebook Twitter and of course, The HERO Hotline: 346-202-HERO (4376) Subscribe and give us a review on iTunes and/or Stitcher
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