59 minutes | Nov 22nd 2015

Episode 10 – 11:53 to Odessa - Heroes Reborn Podcast

This week, Miranda, James, Laura, and Jeff discuss NBC’s Heroes Reborn – Chapter 10 – 11:53 to Odessa. So right off the bat, Laura is not happy with the so called “hiatus” episode. But Miranda doesn’t care since she got her some Ren and Miko, and Jeff continues to try and throw logic into the mix! James is a Hiatus NEWB and feels that if he were just a casual fan, he’d probably not be back to see how it all ends. Matt Parkman brings new meaning to the phrase “giving you the stink eye” Look into my eyes… Janice and Matty Jr. are out there somewhere, but are they part of anyone’s plan? Whatever Erica’s plan is, we all agree that no one should trust her? Is Phoebe dying by using her power all the time?  If so, what effect will this have on Quentin? With Erica trapped in the future, who’s in charge? – Harris Army (Harrisses, Harri???) The Scientist? Apparently Harris is a good tipper, and it shows:  And we see more easter egg nods to the original series, plus a funny Brit.  Micah is back…well, sort of.  And still no explanation on how the Haitian is alive, because what would an episode of Heroes Reborn be without some mind achingly wibble wobbley timey wimey stuff??? A quick shout out and thanks to @PrimatechFiles for the heads up on the reason the story jumps 7957 years into the future. Thank you to Jeff in Massachusetts for the voicemail. He gives his theory on Matt’s power and what he’s doing as Sunstone Manor. Carlos (aka Prince Charming) is trying to redeem himself. Why is HRG so distrustful of Luke? And who saved HRG? The Hero Truther group goes in to find Micah, but doesn’t really try. If a Shogun Warrior strolls through an internet cafe, does anyone see it? Is Ren a construct? We all agree that it would have been better to binge watch this series. Contest: Laura will choose winners over the Hiatus, so thank you to all of those reviews and ratings posted.  We really appreciate the support and feedback. We LOVE Feedback! Email: heroescast@gmail.com Facebook Twitter and of course, The HERO Hotline: 346-202-HERO (4376) Subscribe and give us a review on iTunes and/or Stitcher
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