82 minutes | Jul 28, 2021

The Philosophy of Gaston Bachelard with Cristina Chimisso

Cristina Chimisso is a Professor of Philosophy for Open University, she is the author of Hélène Metzger: historian and historiographer of the sciences and Writing the History of the Mind: Philosophy and Science in France 1900-1960s, in this episode we talk about her book Gaston Bachelard: Critic of Science and the Imagination, alongside discussions on French epistemology, rationalism, communication and more.   ---   Become part of the Hermitix community:   Hermitix Twitter - https://twitter.com/Hermitixpodcast Support Hermitix:   Hermitix Subscription - https://hermitix.net/subscribe/    Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/hermitix  Donations: - https://www.paypal.me/hermitixpod  Hermitix Merchandise - http://teespring.com/stores/hermitix-2  Bitcoin Donation Address: 3LAGEKBXEuE2pgc4oubExGTWtrKPuXDDLK   Ethereum Donation Address: 0xfd2bbe86d6070004b9Cbf682aB2F25170046A99
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