39 minutes | Jan 22, 2020

Media Buzz: Golden Globes Recap and Oscar nods - hot takes, who won big and what does it all mean for studios and streaming giants?

The Golden Globes - arguably one of Hollywood's most glamorous nights... when the surprises are many, and the champagne is flowing! I sit down with Caleb Galoozis to recap who won, what to look out for at the Oscars, and what it all means for studios and streaming giants on the business side. Get ready for hot takes (did anyone see Jason Momoa in a wife beater?!), our review of the night's biggest surprises, business analysis on how this affects box office numbers and Netflix's content strategy, and your guide to the key Oscar races to slay your bracket. Oh, and a LOT of love for Laura Dern. So if you love the entertainment biz, sit back and enjoy the latest episode in our media buzz series. 
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