33 minutes | Jun 3, 2021

Stockholm: T-Centralen

The subway can tell you a lot about the geography of a city. Who gets off where and why? But at the central station all those wires get crossed and people are there for all types of reasons to work, to shop, to hustle, to hand out, to protest, to get out as fast as possible. So T-Centalen ticks a lot of factors on the Stockholm spectrum between fear and security. 1) Crowded and 2) Unpredictable and 3) Controlled. We’ll be navigating all three of these as we do the unimaginable, take our time in T-Centralen. Twitter/Instagram: @dragons_podcast Support us: patreon.com/htbdpodcast Sign up for our newsletter: www.htbdpodcast.com Record a question or comment for us and send to: htdbpodcast@gmail.com
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