25 minutes | Feb 25, 2021

Stockholm: Moving

Housing is one of the hairiest urban planning questions. You have to get the balance absolutely perfect. If you build too much the cost of upkeep will bankrupt the state. But if you build too little, you’ll have a human crisis on your hands in no time. Sweden is a case study of this teeter totter, constantly chasing that perfect balance. And the right way to get it is always up for debate. Twitter/Instagram: @dragons_podcast Support us: http://patreon.com/htbdpodcast Sign up for our newsletter: www.htbdpodcast.com Record a question or comment for us and send to: htdbpodcast@gmail.com Also check out the music of Kristofer Svensson xkatedral.bandcamp.com/track/ir-himinn-gr-nn and Slackerist movecutclone.bandcamp.com/track/slacke…other-places.
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