29 minutes | Jan 28, 2021

Stockholm: Density

Welcome to Stockholm! For all the city's seeming calm and quiet there were many stories of fear, safety, and identity to be told. We are excited to take you to the big little capital of Sweden, where one in every five Swedish residents call home. Let's find out how Stockholmers feel about their city's bigness and smallness. We are produced with the generous support of the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in Fine Arts and Konstnarsnamden (The Swedish Arts Council. Our senior producer Adélie Pojzman-Pontay returns and we would also like to welcome our team of graduate assistants from the architecture department at the Rhode Island School of Design: Bilal Ismail Ahmed, Daniel Choconta Guerrero, Kimberly Ayala Najera, and Uthman Olowo. Fatou Camara consults for the show. Cory Jacobs does the music for the podcast. And the wonderful Adriene Lilly does our sound design. Support us on Patreon for HTBD stickers and exclusive mini-episodes spotlighting some amazing digressions that we can’t fit in the show. http://patreon.com/htbdpodcast Special thanks to Lev Bratishenko for voicing Ingmar Bergman. Also check out the music of Kristofer Svensson https://xkatedral.bandcamp.com/track/ir-himinn-gr-nn and Slackerist https://movecutclone.bandcamp.com/track/slackerist-skogas-other-places.
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