22 minutes | Apr 8th 2021

174: Your Back of the Napkin Marketing Plan

If it ever feels like you have too many promotions to focus on and share and market, it might be time to simplify your marketing plan. What I’ve found is that MORE promotions don’t necessarily lead to better results. When we analysed our marketing activity, we found that some of our seemingly successful promotions didn’t deliver the RIGHT results. On the surface, they looked great. But when we dug in, we could see that they didn’t do the main job they were meant to, which was to sell our Core Offer. We know that marketing and marketing campaigns take ENERGY and EFFORT. There are landing pages, copywriting, emails, automation, lead boxes, popups, website banner, social media copy and images, printing, internal systems and procedures, scripts and videos and Facebook lives etc. And more often than not, all the effort doesn’t translate to sales or conversions. In this episode, I introduce you to the 3-part “Back of the Napkin Marketing Plan”, a simple but effective template that helps you decide which marketing activity to keep and what you can let go of. Listen to discover: How to create a one-page “Back of the Napkin” marketing plan Which marketing campaign to cut and which to keep Why knowing your Core Offer makes it easier to know how to attract more of your ideal clients. How a Back-End Upsell becomes easy when you focus on aligning your high-end products and services with your Core Offer Why freeing up your time to focus on a few things will give you a greater return on investment Here are some popular recent episodes: A Case of the “I Don’t Want Tos” Sit Your Butt Down On a Chair and Get Unstuck 3 Ways to Get a Steady Flow of Referrals The Energy That Makes Things Happen HerBusiness Facebook Page: https:/facebook.com/HerBusiness/ HerBusiness Network for Women Business Owners: herbusinessnetwork.com
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