15 minutes | Feb 17th 2021

169: Your First Step to Speaking Up More

When I work with women to help them grow their businesses and build strong connection networks, Speaking Up is an essential key move I help them to master. Until we can get some mastery over our ability to speak up, we can fail to meet our true potential in sales, fame, the impact we have and our ultimate success. It takes speaking up to reach more people, to make more of an impact, and to get more results. If you want to make a dent in the world, you need to be willing to be seen AND HEARD. But that can be tough. Speaking up can make us feel vulnerable. We worry that someone won’t like us. Or that we’ll get criticised. This reluctance to speak impacts most people, but in particular women. Even hugely successful women. And that’s because a couple of things can happen when we decide to speak up in a more significant way than before. Say you’re now you wan to do Facebook Lives, or speak on stages, or create a podcast, or run an online challenge and you’re looking to go from where you are NOW to play a BIGGER GAME game. Firstly, you may feel a case of Imposter Syndrome, that feeling of ‘who do you think you are?’ and that you may get found out as being a fraud. The second thing that can happen is that what can show up is what author Steven Pressfield calls Resistance, which is that voice that says: “Stay safe. Stay small. You might get hurt if you reach too high. If you step out and speak up too much, you don’t know what might happen.” Asking for higher prices, asking for the sale, leaning into opportunities - all that requires you to get past this Resistance and to speak up. So, what do you do? How do you start Speaking Up more? In this episode, I share a powerful place to START speaking up more effectively. Take listen. I’ll be diving deeper into this topic at the Get New Clients Coaching Week from 8 - 14 March. Here are some popular recent episodes: The Rewards for Showing Up When You Don’t have it All Figured Out, Do This The Clear Week A Case of the “I Don’t Want Tos” Sit Your Butt Down On a Chair and Get Unstuck HerBusiness Facebook Page: https:/facebook.com/HerBusiness/ HerBusiness Network for Women Business Owners: herbusinessnetwork.com
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