38 minutes | Jun 3, 2021

#7| Bustin' Clays w/Emi Smith

Bitch Session: Let’s talk about one of our favorite off-season pastimes: Bustin’ clays! In this episode, Hannah and Courtney are joined by Emi Smith, one of the top female trap shooters in Montana, as they discuss practicing their shotgunning, their trials and tribulations with gun fit, competitive clay shooting, and how they seek out instruction but not too much of it. Don’t miss this episode where the gals talk through their unique journeys with wingshooting, the challenges they encountered, and what is working for them in their individual quests to bag more birds. Gear Tips: Courtney - Rockets Earplugs Hannah - Zamberlan boots with Superfeet inserts Emi - Pilla Eyewear  
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