30 minutes | May 13, 2021

#5|Sooty Grouse-Hunting a Ventriloquist

In the Alaska spring you can hunt the sooty grouse, while those of us in the lower 48 must wait until fall. To learn about this sneaky bird that can seemingly act like a ventriloquist, in this Expert Session we hear from Mikal Cline, Upland Game Bird Coordinator for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. We ask her about what makes this bird unique, where they dwell, and how they are hunted.   Project Upland article “Splitting the Blue Grouse into the Sooty and Dusky Grouse” https://projectupland.com/grouse-species/blue-grouse-hunting/blue-grouse-2/  https://projectupland.com/grouse-species/blue-grouse-hunting/how-to-hunt-sooty-grouse-during-the-spring-hoot/  
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