23 minutes | Oct 4, 2021

The ItCon Vision - What It is and Why It’s Important to Your Business

ItCon’s success as a leading IT and Cybersecurity company is driven by the passion that Leah Freiman has for helping people. Before Leah founded ItCon, she worked as a mortgage broker and taught music on the side. Her love of helping others played itself out in both jobs. As a mortgage broker, Leah took clients with bad credit and debt and helped them get loans with low taxes and closing costs. As a music teacher, she used her skills to help ‘special’ children expand their capabilities and find joy in music. On a professional level, her passion is to help companies thrive by overcoming issues that could undermine all their best efforts to succeed. In the process of working closely with the clients of her computer repair company she formed with her husband, the destructive power of cybercrime became dramatically and drastically evident. More and more companies around the globe were falling prey to aggressive cyber attacks. The financial damage and loss of business were insufferable. Leah Freiman applied her energy, drive, and focus on creating a company that would provide clients with all-encompassing tools and tactics needed to successfully secure the future for numerous clients. Leah Freiman is a recognized expert in the cybersecurity industry. She provides cybersecurity training for many large organizations, has been called upon to deliver a presentation to the NYSii in Albany, has lectured at Touro College, and is the founder of ITCON2019, the Premier Cybersecurity Conference for Business Owners. ItCon was ranked #17 on the MSP501 list and #723 on the Inc5000 list in 2021. ItCon is also on the MSSPAlert Top 250 MSSPs and CRN MSP500 list. Leah starred in the movie Cyber Crime, a documentary film that explores the world of cybercrime and how you can avoid becoming a victim.She is also the author of “Double Your Revenue with the Right Technology”, an Amazon bestseller that teaches business owners how technology can help them grow rather than be an added business expense. ItCon represents her passion for creating awareness and providing solutions for companies looking to grow their business with the right technology and fighting cybercrime activities. In this episode, we discuss: How do business owners protect themselves and their clients What is end-user education Difference between targeted attacks and untargeted attacks Where the ItCon vision came from and why it’s important Respect your IT guy but verify ItCon 2022 Website: https://www.itconinc.com/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/itconinc Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ItConincNY/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/MosheFreiman
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