50 minutes | May 27th 2020

Episode 111: Why You Need A Personal Brand In STEM & How To Get Started

In this episode, Cheryl Lau shares her STEM story and the importance of a personal brand in STEM and how you can get started. By day, Cheryl is an aspiring researcher in social welfare and an incoming Ph.D. student based in Hong Kong. By night, she's an online personal branding strategist who helps early-stage researchers and professionals develop an effective personal branding strategy so they can show up confidently on social media, create value-packed content, and make an impact both on and offline.  In this episode, we discuss: 1. Cheryl's STEM journey. 2. Importance of having mentors and coaches in your STEM journey.  3. How to start building your online personal brand? 4. Why you need a personal brand? 5. How to create sustainable content on any social media platform? Follow Cheryl on Instagram @cheryltheory.   Sign up for my FREE Webinar HOW TO USE YOUR STEM SUPERPOWER TO CONQUER YOUR CAREER WITH CONFIDENCE: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_QOumR1sfTy2oQeU9BZ65BA  
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