21 minutes | Feb 15th 2019

Ep 7 Part 1 of 2 Planning your life around your monthly cycle w/Dr. Michelle Rogers of WELLthy Woman

"Is it that time of the month??" Tell me how annoying it is when someone tries to use your period against you?!  Hi friends! We've all been there, maybe acting a little bit extra and then someone asks if we've getting ready to start our period... then we think, oh shit, I am going to start my period! What if I told you that you could predict your future by living life according to your menstrual cycle? WHAT THE WHAT? Ok, so maybe we cant predict actual experiences but we CAN predict our mood/energy levels. You see our menstrual cycle can actually tell us SO much about ourselves and whats happening with our emotions. Dr. Michelle Rogers from WELLthy Woman joins us on the podcast for a 2 part series about our hormones. In this series we go over whats happening EVERY week of the month to help us better prepare and get to know ourselves a little bit better. Connect with WELLthy Woman Connect with our sponsor Ajna Wellbeing Connect with Her Heart Heals
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