71 minutes | Aug 8, 2021

Ep41- Mariachi Maestro Collab With Norwalk BrewHouse & SLO Brew!

On this episode we are are Joined by Ray "Ricky" Rivera of Norwalk BrewHouse as well as local graphic designer and frequent HenHouse collaborator Blanca Molina to discuss our recent collab beer Mariachi Maestro. Sayre, Fridge & Bob talk with Ray about his up & coming brewery Norwalk BrewHouse, the importance of Latino representation in craft beer, how similar music and the world's greatest beverage can be and the life & legacy of the "Mariachi Maestro" himself Gabriel Zavala. In part two Sayre interviews Blanca the artist behind the beer label of this brew as well as several other of our brands. Listen as we explore her unique style which pays tribute to her cultural & ethnic heritage. ¡Salud!
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