45 minutes | Apr 30, 2021

Ep 38- FRESH POTS! Collab With Petaluma Coffee & Tea Company!

On this episode we're joined by our North Bay account manager Logan, HenHouse co-founder & director of operations Shane and the marketing extraordinaire / staunch supporter of coffee infused saisons, the one and only Bob! As you may have guessed the topic of the moment is our recent collab with Petaluma Coffee & Tea Company FRESH POTS! Coffee Saison! This batch marked the first time that our beloved coffee saison was offered in both kegs and in cans! Which is definitely something to get STOKED about if you ask us. Watch or listen as we discuss everything from the origins of what may be HenHouse's most cult beer to the palpable magic of Dave Grohl and the theoretical pastry saison! As of this writing FRESH POTS! is still available at both of our tasting rooms as well as on our online store. Get like us!
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