35 minutes | Jun 23, 2021

Dani Luce | White Label Shipping Services | G.O.A.T. Labs

Vietnam Veterans founded a cannabis testing lab.The legal hemp industries must work hard to overcome the stigma that's still linked to the plant.   One essential component to this process is gaining consumer confidence.  Dani Luce, owner and CFO of White Label Shipping Services and CEO of Goat Labs joins Joy Beckerman to talk about adding quality assurance and quality control to their lab and transportation company to guarantee that the products that the buyers purchase are legal and exactly what they ordered.Produced by PodCONXhttps://podconx.com/guests/dani-lucehttps://www.goatlabs.co/https://www.whitelabelshippingservices.com/http://www.hempace.com/
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