45 minutes | Feb 19th 2019

106: David Apple Made Customer Education an Early and Prominent Customer Success Function

David Apple, Gemeral Manager of US and VP of Customer Success at Typeform joined the company to run sales. It wasn't long before Typeform didn't have a problem generated new sales. People were signing up for Typeform like crazy since it was such a good product. Typeform wanted to turn it's attention to retention and expansion and asked David to build a customer success function. David was deliberate about what he created, a customer success organization with six distinct teams: support, customer education, customer experience, customer outcome managers, sales, operations.

In that order. 

Don't let it breeze by you that customer education came second.

David described this structure quite well on the OV | Build podcast (link below). Of course, I wanted to take the discussion with him about his customer education team further. That's why he's on this episode of Helping Sells Radio. 

So, listen it. 

p.s. Notice he called customer success managers, customer outcome managers. We didn't talk about that on the show, but that title is worth pondering. Hard. 

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