1 minutes | Mar 25, 2020

MacBook Pro 2012 For Sale

Buy MacBook Pro Hello there. So quickly in this video we want to talk to you about a really good MacBook Pro for sale at our stores. We'd like to mention that this has got some really cool features and you will love this. This is a great choice for anyone already working from home or if you are just about getting started working from home, then this MacBook Pro 2012 for sale is your best bet. The design is really sleek and it's very comfortable to work with, not to mention some of its specifications which makes it a great choice for you to use for your at home work and projects. This MacBook Pro 2012 for sale currently goes for $449 and you can order from either of our stores at Eagan or Burnsville. You do not need to book appointment, it's not necessary. Just walk in during any of our opening hours. Don't hesitate. Stocks are limited. Get yours today. Here are some of the things you will learn in this Video about the MacBook Pro 2012 for sale. Some of the features are: * Processor: Intel Core i5 @2.5GH * RAM size of 4GB * Storage: 500GB HDD * Operating system: MAC OS X Mojave * 90 Day Warranty * $499 Sale price CREATOR INFO AUTHOR/DIRECTOR:Helpertech Computer and Smartphone Repair Experts PODCAST: Helpertech Computer and Phone Repair Tech Talk https://www.helpertech.com/macbook-pro-2012-for-sale/  
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