1 minutes | Feb 10, 2020

LG G6 Rear Lens Repair

LG G6 Back Camera Lens Replacement LG G6 Rear Lens Repair -- Or as some other would call it "LG G6 Back Camera Lens Replacement". This video talks about repairing the back camera which is something we can do at any of our stores. Doing this sort of repair on average takes about an hour to do, and the associated cost for fixing this is only $40. Since the LG G6 Rear Lens is set on the outside, we can just peel it off and complete things from there. Now in doing the repair, in some cases we have to order the component which could take a couple of days to receive sometimes. In this event, you can just hold on to the phone until the product ordered arrives. Bear in mind as well that it is not necessary to book an appointment ahead of time. No not needed. Whenever you're ready, just walk into any our stores either Burnsville or our Eagan store. And if you any question or you would like to see products available, do call us or reach out to us via any of our communication channels.
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