1 minutes | Jan 30, 2020

iPhone 8 For Sale

Buy iPhone 8 Black iPhone 8 For Sale -- Buy iPhone 8 Black color at any of our stores. The features this phone has got is really cool to say the least. This iPhone 8 comes with a 64gb of storage space in it and it is also fully unlocked so you have flexibility with the phone as well. The price of this iPhone 8 for sale is $425 and it's located at our helpertech Burnsville location and we can have it at our other store location as well if that's closer to you. Just so you know, any other phone or tablet you're looking for can also be gotten from any of our stores as well. This iPhone 8 for sale is fully up to date and also comes with a new battery, a new screen with a glass protector on it. Visit our store today to order your iPhone 8.
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