74 minutes | Jun 14, 2017

Episode 1.5 Having children, and mothers.

Is this the best time to have a child? I don’t even know where to begin, but my mothers college friend, and renowned preschool art instructor Geraldine Biemacher does! And, what is going on with me and my mother? Good question. Luckily, she got home just in time to help me figure it out! Featuring Hallie Haas (UCB, halliehaas.com, @halliekhaas) And Lisa Lampanelli as Patti Jantsen (Upcoming: Fall 2017 off-Broadway remount of Stuffed: a Big-Boned, Skinny-Ass, All-You-Can-Laugh New Play written by and starring Lampanelli, at the Westside Theatre, a venue steeped in tradition of great works for and by women. Her "strongest, funniest and most affecting work” [NYTimes]. Acting: David Chase-directed film Not Fade Away, Judd Apatow's Drillbit Taylor, Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector, The Aristocrats, CBS's 2 Broke Girls. Two-time Grammy nominee for “Best Comedy Album," 2007 & 2015.)
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