43 minutes | May 28th 2020

E59: "Pedro & Corona" - May 28, 2020 - Recoveries & Reopenings

On today's episode Joshua Stecker and I check in with each other to see how we are doing.  Josh is still recovering from deadline week with the magazine but on the bright side the June issue of San Pedro Today is out and ready to be read! Our local economy is slowly opening up and we ask that everyone supports their local businesses. We also go over. the current case numbers for our community and while it seems like the number of coronavirus cases keeps growing, in actuality it's likely that we can expect that the most have recovered. 

We get into sports, or lack thereof, family gatherings,  2020 graduates and even our high school reunions. 

We give shout outs to local restaurants in the San Pedro Today May issue's "Take-Out and Delivery Guide" which can be found on the back page of the May issue. 


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