44 minutes | Jun 10, 2020

Spiritual Renewal at Saguaro National Park

For the first ever episode of Hello Ranger, co-hosts/co-husbands Brad and Matt Kirouac find cactus inspiration at Arizona's Saguaro National Park. While hunkering down in Tucson during the pandemic, we dreamed up the idea of Hello Ranger, launched the website, and recorded our first episode in our makeshift RV studio. Being surrounded by the most iconic of American cacti not only provided plenty of socially distant outdoor action, but it helped drive our vision and motivate us to create. And the metaphors are myriad! Like the tiny saguaro seeds striving to survive against desert strife, our little dream for the Hello Ranger Community blossomed into reality. We can't think of a better national park to kick off our dream-come-true podcast!     Visit our website to learn more about the Hello Ranger Community, keep your eyes peeled for our social app, and read stories from our Hello Ranger Ambassadors. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook at @hellorangerusa   Want more Hello Ranger? Subscribe to our Patron and unlock loads of extra content, like bonus episodes, “Hello Ranger Happy Hours,” "Traveling Eats," in-depth national park guides, and #NPSDinnerParty recipes inspired by our episodes! 

   To get in touch, email us at smile@hellorangercommunity.com 

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